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What we do

We hold the Trade Mark in Australia for the term "Rain Check" for the promotion of businesses.

Here at RainChecks.co we create special offer campaigns for travel, service and retail businesses.

We create product and service showcases on MyRainCheck.com for and on behalf of businesses to firstly generate new business by offering "something for later" for people who visit a physical business or its website. In addition, for people who actually buy or use a business' products or services, we offer additional rewards in the form of Rain Checks.

MyRainCheck.com handles the transactions and only retains a low commission of 2.90% of the value of the transaction plus $.50 cents as a contribution to our operating costs. That is... if we sell a product that is valued at $100.00 for you, we will only retain $3.40 and remit the balance of $96.60 to you the same day.

At Rain Checks we can the low cost marketing extension of your shop, travel, experience or service business 24/7.

Let us help you to gain or retain customers. Call 1300 205 504 or email office@myraincheck.com


 Rain Check


Campaign Design

At Rain Check we work closely with each client to craft a targeted lead generation campaign that will attract, engage and motivate the client's customer base.


We promote the campaigns tactically across a range of high performing websites and ad networks using highly targeted ad channels such as Facebook, Instagram, native ads, email and google display.

Driving Leads

Clients are never left wondering what is on with Rain Check. We report on the actual sales and leads generated from our marketing activity in real time to boost cash flow and ensure customer engagement.


Each business marketing project is measured and where necessary, optimised, to ensure that we are always meeting our commitment to providing the best possible leads for our clients.

Scale up sales

When something is working we build on it and when results are slow we modify the approach to build lead quantity, quality and volume to grow sales from the activity.

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Media Experts

Established media leaders and experts in high quality lead generation.


Performance based marketing creates more ways for your business to grow.

We provide access to a wide variety of ad networks, publicists, affiliates, publications and a range of marketing models that can grow your business by creating leads that result in conversions.


Find genuine new motivated customers with Rain Check

Using a mixture of content marketing, banners, competitions and editorials we will extend your marketing reach .